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Novotel participates in the loyalty programmes of the largest airlines and enables you to earn air miles each time you stay with us at the applicable rates.
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Accor and French railway company SNCF make it possible to simultaneously book a hotel room and a train ticket using the "Train+Hotel" service. The customers can therefore book rooms in more than 1,350 Accor hotels in over 250 destinations in France and Europe, and benefit from discounts on rooms rates in participating Accor hotels: for weekends, 10% discount in Pullman, Novotel and Mercure hotels, based on the best daily rate* of the hotel, and 5% discount in Sofitel hotels. During the week, benefit from the best market rates** in 2 to 4 star hotels: Ibis, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Novotel, Pullman, Sofitel. For SNCF commercial card holders (Grand Voyageur, Escapades, Senior, 12-25, and Enfant+), in addition to weekend discounts, breakfast is free for the card holder plus one additional guest in their room. The booking is made when you buy your train ticket, in France: in SNCF stations and shops or by calling the SNCF Hotline at 36 35 (0.34 € plus tax/min) or on the websites www.tgv-europe.com and www.raileurope.co.uk.


By combining services, Thalys and Accor hope to simplify and facilitate travel in Europe through the simultaneous booking of hotels and purchase of train tickets. This is possible in the four countries connected by the Thalys network: Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany. A Thalys passenger who books their hotel and purchases their train ticket at the same time benefits from exclusive offers all year round in participating Accor hotels: at weekends, a 10% discount in Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and Novotel Suites hotels, based on the best daily rate* of the hotel, and a 5% discount in Sofitel hotels. On weekdays, benefit from the best market rates** in Formule 1, Ibis, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Novotel, Pullman and Sofitel hotels**. For Cybelys card holders, in addition to the weekend benefits, breakfast is free for the card holder plus one additional guest in their room. Accor also participates in specific promotions with special offers to Thalys travellers and loyal Thalys customers who hold the Cybelys card, etc. Information and booking on www.thalys.com.


Book your hotel and your hire vehicle together and enjoy preferential rates. Europcar is a partner of the Accor Group in the whole world. Europcar offers you its network of almost 3,000 agencies in 170 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Central America and Asia-Pacific. With Accor and Europcar, save time: book your hotel and your car rental together. On Accor.com, the offer to hire a Europcar vehicle is made when you complete your hotel booking and Europcar offers you preferential rates.
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Lyria travellers can also enjoy special benefits in 1,350 Accor hotels in Europe by booking their hotel stay when they purchase their Lyria TGV ticket. Worth knowing: at the weekend, 10% discount in Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and Novotel Suite hotels on the best daily rate* of the hotel and 5% discount in Sofitel hotels. On weekdays, benefit from the best market rates** in Formule 1, Etap, Ibis, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Novotel, Pullman and Sofitel hotels**. Information and booking on www.tgv-lyria.com


The Belgian railway company (SNCB) and ACCOR have come together to offer their respective customers the possibility of purchasing train tickets and booking hotels everywhere in Europe while enjoying the best market rates** in Formule 1, Etap, Ibis, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Novotel, Pullman and Sofitel hotels. Information and booking on www.b-rail.be

* These exclusive weekend offers have no special conditions of sale and may be cancelled and modified with no charge until 6:00 p.m. on the day. These benefits may be claimed within the limit of the rooms available at the stated rate and only upon presentation of the booking confirmation and the train ticket when you arrive at the hotel. This offer cannot be combined with any other benefit or promotion.

** Lowest rate offered by the hotel on the day of booking in equivalent conditions of sale.


Since 2003, Orange and Accor have come together to offer high-speed wireless Internet access in more than 1,300 French hotels of the Accor Group, regardless of brand.

Thanks to Orange WiFi access, customers of Accor hotels in France can enjoy high-speed wireless Internet access in lobbies, conference halls, bars and some rooms during their stay. Users who have WiFi-enabled computers can thus check their e-mails, connect to the Internet and access their company data (Intranet) through a secure connection in maximum comfort.


In response to its customers' needs: In order "to be able to connect free of charge during my stay for personal or professional reasons", Novotel is rolling out innovative Internet terminals in its hotels: the “Web Corner on a Mac”

In this recyclable glass and aluminium space, Novotel offers Apple iMacs plus a clear user interface customised for Novotel, designed specially to make web surfing fast and simple. This way, web surfers have free 20-minute access to all office functions. They can also use a fast connection to check their e-mails, chat, surf the web, make their bookings or discover attractive offers in the city where they are staying.


Novotel rewards performance In 2015, Novotel created the licensee challenge in partnership with the French Golf Federation. Novotel rewards the performance of 420,000 licensees throughout the year.

Hole in 1, 2 under par, 3 under par, better progress in classifications, etc.

To celebrate these events, Novotel invites golf enthusiasts to claim their numerous prizes in any of the 130 participating Novotel and Novotel Suite hotels: Weekends at a Novotel or Novotel Suites hotel in France, champagne, golf balls, equipment, etc. For more information on this partnership, visit www.ffgolf.org

Under this partnership, Novotel also offers all licence-holders a 30% discount on their stay in all Novotel and Novotel Suite hotels in France.


Web exclusive! Discover "Ma Kadéos", the 100% customizable Kad?os Gift Card. In just a few clicks, you can add an image and a message of your choice to reflect your style and taste.

The benefits of the "Ma Kadéos" Gift Card:

  • It can be topped up with an amount ranging from EUR 15 to EUR 150
  • It offers an unrivalled choice of 25 exclusive chains and can be spent in more than 2000 stores or used for telephone or Internet purchases (depending on the chain)
  • It can be used once or several times according to the user?s wishes or requirements etc.
  • The card can be blocked in the event of loss or theft.

To discover the "Ma Kadéos" Gift Card now, click here


The first travel guides for the whole family The collection of Kids'Voyage guides is intended for both children and parents. Instructive, fun and cheerfully visual, these guides are the ideal aid to family trips.

This original concept achieves the ambitious feat of meeting both children's and parents' needs and offering a means for children and adults to interact.

Readers will find more than 100 family activities while discovering the geography, history, climate, fauna, flora, inhabitants and traditions of the area they are visiting.


With Kapla “children build to edify themselves”… at Novotel Novotel is a partner of KAPLA, an educational game created by Tom van der Bruggen. KAPLA is an abbreviation of "kabouterplankjes", which means "gnome boards" in Dutch.

The use of identical small boards without adhesive or fasteners develops the ability to organise elements in three-dimensional space and helps children to discover and develop their skills in this area. KAPLA is fascinating and arouses enthusiasm while improving dexterity, a sense of balance and concentration. Working along alone or with others, children become involved in demanding and original creations. It is a game for all ages and across generations. The KAPLA “builder” is a builder of the transient. The builder's work always ends up collapsing, leaving a small ,pile of boards, waiting for a new creation. What counts is not to have built something, but the discovery of creativity.


Novotel continues its partnership with Quinny and their award-winning buggy; Quinny Yezz, offering a unique service for families! Family guests can enjoy the option of hiring one of the award-winning Quinny Yezz buggies (FREE) at a Novotel hotel across the UK, just ask the reception team for availability.

The Quinny Yezz is a ultra-lightweight, compact pushchair that is easy to handle and especially manoeuvrable making it the perfect pushchair for those families looking to explore during their stay. Available in a choice of three colours - red, purple or grey - children can choose their favourite colour and travel in style! Experience easy living at Novotel.