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Ideas for a family outing

Boredom at the weekend; everybody feels it, nobody likes it. If you get bored after yet another game of ludo, films are no longer all that exciting, or your favourite book is just lying in the corner, then it's time for new ideas. Fortunately, we’ve got exactly what you need - inspiration for your next family outing.

Family outing in the local woods
Take a trip into the local woodlands and explore nature together, with the appropiate clothing and enough provisions. Or how about building little Indian huts? Branches are the support beams with ferns and leaves creating a roof that is ideal for playtimes. You can read exciting stories here and transform the forest into a magical place.
Excursions with children on two wheels
Put on your helmet and get on your bike! For an active family outing, enjoy a bike ride together. Cycling trips are a great way to spend a weekend with your children as exercise and fresh air are good for the whole family. With children, it often makes sense to plan smaller journeys and take many breaks. Outings that are too demanding can quickly make you feel overwhelmed and demotivated. It is especially nice when the children can have a say in the choice of destination. For example, you could go to a nearby adventure playground. P.S: Don't forget to pack plenty of snacks - a little sugar will quickly get leaden legs going again.
Adventure outings with the family
Why not try something completely new and send the kids on an adventurous treasure hunt? Whilst this requires a bit of preparation time, it is guaranteed to be worth it. For the treasure map, design paper to make it look old for that special touch. Make it look even more authentic by lightly singeing the edges of the paper with a lighter. Fill a chest with sweets for the end of the treasure hunt. This family outing is a unique experience that the kids won't soon forget.
An animal family outing nearby
Family trips to a wildlife park or animal enclosure are a real highlight for many children. From ferrets and wild rabbits to majestic deer, there is something for everyone in the family. Binoculars are also a must, as they can be used to observe wild birds from a distance. Many wildlife parks even provide opportunities to feed the animals. Children can learn more about animals and experience nature up close on this family outing nearby.
For even more family trips or holiday ideas, why not take a look at our travel tips for families right now and let yourself be inspired.
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