Home Office in our hotels

Home office: Mix up your working space in our hotels

A poor internet connection, children letting off steam or noisy neighbours; if you are sick of seeing the same four walls, working in a hotel can be the breath of fresh air you need especially for working parents. At home, there is often a lack of peace and quiet to work effectively at home. This is why more and more hotels currently provide the option to relocate your home office to a hotel room. Discover what we mean by ‘home office in a hotel’ and what advantages these day rooms offer.

Alternative workplace: Home office in the hotel
During the coronavirus pandemic, overnight stays in hotels by tourists are unfortunately not as common as they used to be. While these may even be completely banned at times, business travellers are still allowed to book hotel rooms. Increasingly, stressed-out people seeking peace and quiet are therefore switching from the home office to the 'hotel office'. But how exactly do you picture it?
Home office in the hotel: How it works
Working from home is not ideal for everyone. That is why many envisage a comfortable, productive, and above all, undisturbed working environment in a hotel. On top of this, the internet connection at home is often not as fast as a connection in the office or in a hotel. The hotel office can be booked for a complete working day or just for several hours, at a reduced price compared to the usual costs.
Home office in the hotel: Find the right offer
More and more hotels are offering day rooms as an alternative to the home office. Rooms at the Novotel London Waterloo are also being offered as flexible and comfortable working areas. All day rooms have free Wi-Fi, movable furniture and basic kitchen equipment. When choosing a hotel office, you should make sure the hotel fits your requirements for example:

- Wi-Fi is available in all rooms of the hotel office
- a spacious desk is part of the furnishings
- further technology can be installed if required
- basic kitchen equipment is available
- the hotel has parking facilities
- you can flexibly rebook or cancel the day room
More "home" at home again instead of "at the office"
Many platforms, such as Hotel Office by Accor, make it possible to make a hotel your home office for the day. You can use it to find free hotels in your area and book them directly. The hotels are often centrally located or are conveniently close to railway stations. You can book a hotel for online working in a matter of minutes. If you don't have a Novotel nearby, you're sure to find one of our other brands for your hotel office.
A hotel office is not just for parents. A home office in a hotel room is also appealing for workers who want physical distance between their home and the workplace. Regardless of your reasons to have a home office in a hotel, this option is a welcome change in the working day for many during the coronavirus crisis.

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