The UK's Best Train Stations

We all spend our fair share of time in train stations, whether we’re travelling for business or pleasure. In fact, over 1.7 billion people travel by rail each year in the UK, covering over 67.7 billion kilometres!

And the more time you spend in stations, the more you start to notice what they do or don’t have – from cash machines, Wi-Fi and public toilets to restaurants and first-class lounges. But which are the best of the best?

We looked at the 100 busiest train stations in the UK, gathering data across 3 key areas: facilities, food and shopping, and punctuality. We then used this data to give each station a score out of 100, creating a definitive ranking of the UK’s best train stations. 

So, whether you care more about your train being on time, or you want a station with plenty of dinner options, we’ve got you covered.
What is the best train station in the UK?
London’s Paddington comes out on top as the UK’s best train station, earning a score of 79.89 thanks to its wide range of facilities, excellent selection of shopping and food outlets and above average punctuality. Fenchurch Street comes in second with a score of 79.40, followed by Liverpool Street with 78.54. 

8 out of the top 10 train stations in our ranking are found in London, with Glasgow Central (4th place) and Slough (10th place) being the only 2 found outside the capital.

At the other end of the table, London’s Earlsfield claims the title of the UK’s worst train station, with a score of just 13.98. Earlsfield earned this score as it has no facilities, just 1 food outlet and 62% of its trains in the past 6 months have been delayed or cancelled. 

Where are the UK's most punctual train stations?
When it comes to punctuality London tops the chart again, with 7 of the top 10 stations with the least delays being found here. Fenchurch Street takes the top spot, with an impressive 86% of its trains being on time in the last 6 months. 

Moorgate comes in 2nd place, with 82% of its trains on time, followed by Marylebone and Stanstead Airport with 81%
Which train stations have the most delays and cancellations?

London’s City Thameslink was the least punctual station in the UK, with 71% of its trains in the last 6 months being either delayed or cancelled, followed by Tottenham Hale with 69%.

Outside of London, Manchester Oxford Road was the station with the least on time trains, with 66% of services in the last 6 months being delayed or cancelled.

Which train stations have the best retail options?

For people who spend a lot of their time on trains, having a good selection of shops and food outlets in a station can be a huge advantage. St Pancras comes out on top as the best station for shoppers, with a whopping 40 different retail outlets, covering everything from fashion and beauty to homeware and electronics.

Meanwhile, London Victoria takes the number one spot as the best station for hungry travellers, with 29 different food outlets. 
Explore the full list of the UK's best train stations below
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