Sleepovers at Novotel, the new podcast

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Reflect, recharge and relax with the Novotel podcast, Sleepovers at Novotel

Switch off and listen to unique stories, centred around living well. 

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Your time is precious. At Novotel, we understand this.


If you have already experienced a Novotel stay, you know that taking care of you is one of our top priorities.


To go one step further, we have launched Sleepovers, a relaxing podcast series designed to help you unwind. Wherever you are in the world.


In just four episodes, reconnect to the fundamentals of living well through genuine experiences and unique stories from guests. Recorded in the comfort of a Novotel hotel room, with the intimate and open-hearted setting of a sleepover.

Meet your Sleepovers host

Our four podcast guests are in the capable hands of Laura-Ann Barr, who has first-hand experience of balancing life and work.


Her positive attitude and honesty shine through on social media, where she shares daily snapshots of running not one, but two successful businesses, while also being a mum to three young boys.


So, who better to guide you on a journey through Sleepovers at Novotel, where wellbeing takes centre stage?

Meet your Sleepovers Guests 

Episode #1

Lauren McDermott is a wellness and family-oriented content creator, who likes to find the magic in everyday moments.


Sharing insights into her home and garden, Lauren is also a mum and self-care advocate. At the start of a fresh new year, she chats with Laura-Ann about 2024 resolutions, as well as how to find a healthy work-life balance.


Lauren’s episode, Craving A Reset is now live.

Episode #2

Nicole Corrales has three beautiful children, and posts beauty tutorials and makeup tips on her social media channels.


She is best described as a hands-on mum, encouraging her children to try new activities and broaden their horizons.


She chats to Laura-Ann about moving from Brazil to the UK to raise a family, and carving out time for loved ones both near and far.


Listen to Nicole’s episode here on February 21st

Episode #3

Estera Pawlak is a young mum who uplifts her community with her positive energy.


She openly shares her pregnancy journeys with social media followers, engaging in discussions around family life and the emotional baggage that comes with it.


Currently pregnant, Estera sits down with Laura-Ann to chat about the importance of taking time for yourself.


Listen to Estera’s episode here on March 20th

Episode #4

Jack McCann is a photographer, as well as a self-described husband, father and dog dad.


Jack's photographic talent has led him to work on brand collaborations, as well as sharing valuable advice for photography and videography enthusiasts via his Instagram feed.


From drones to traditional cameras and even iPhones, he uses a variety of equipment to deliver captivating content to his community.


He sits down with Laura-Ann to chat about the virtues of slow travel and his love for stopping to capture the world through his camera lens.


Listen to Jack’s episode here on April 17th


So, whether you’re on the work commute or unwinding in the bath, why not tune into the Novotel Sleepovers podcast, for a moment of mindfulness?


Close your eyes and enjoy the calming discussion between Laura-Ann and our guests. Not only will they help to bring some calm into your life, they should also leave you feeling inspired.

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