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A New Novotel

Novotel for the Future

Four new designs for Novotel

Style 1


The philosophy? Beauty and function expressed in clean lines… Metro blends sophistication and simplicity giving guest rooms an airy, timeless feel, with uncluttered space and multifunctional bathrooms flooded with natural light. Designs for the social hubs will smoothly adapt their function throughout the day, from fixed seating and tables for work to smaller, flexible layouts enabling small groups of friends, family or business colleagues to gather together in privacy. Touches to remind guests of home include books and candles, introducing beauty, familiarity and functionality into the mix.

Style 2

RF Studio

The philosophy? Eat, drink, play, chill… With our RF Studio concept, contemporary sophistication meets Zen calm: guest rooms with defined working and sleeping areas, plus bathrooms of timeless simplicity. And in the lively social hubs, spaces flow fluidly into one another, with the bar as the central focus and beating heart of the hotel. From there, the library and lounge invite guests into informal, convivial spots where they can both work and relax. The all-important family space welcomes kids during the day and becomes an inviting location for friends to meet up for drinks at night.

Style 3

Sundukovy Sisters

The philosophy? Tactile textures in intuitive spaces… Versatility is the watchword of the Sundukovy Sisters design. Sleek modern lines combine with warm, textured walls and unexpected elements – a swing chair perhaps – to create the guest rooms of the future, with movable furniture creating flexible workspaces. Elsewhere in the hotel, guests and locals are drawn into hubs effortlessly melding into each other and changing function as the day drifts on. Greenery, timbers and natural materials add style to these ever-evolving spaces – each with its own impeccable sustainability credentials.

Style 4


The philosophy? Sustainable functionality and convenience… Concentrating on the long-term, the Hypothesis blueprint recommends maximum modularity within the guest rooms, making their layout flexible and adaptable for future maintenance and upgrades. Thanks to a focus on utilising every space in the hotel and wasting nothing, an innovative element of this concept is the introduction of the Liv-In Corridor. Setting up mini-workspaces or fitness corners at the end of corridors reduces redundant space and adds hubs where friends, family and colleagues can get together to work – or work out.

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