An architectural smorgasbord visited by millions of foreign visitors each year, Barcelona deserves its reputation as the most cosmopolitan city of Spain. Plus, the exceptional climate will delight the whole family.

Sagrada Família

Camp Nou


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Els Pollos de Llull

Thise restaurant offers a simple and accessible menu of roast chicken and salads but its main attraction is that it is particularly spacious and has a drawing area for children. It even organises a chicken drawing contest.

Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

A space for children, singing and dancing waiters and waitresses… welcome to the Hard Rock Cafe! With a global reputation, the restaurant chain has not changed its winning formula in Barcelona.


The Barcelona Aquarium

With more than 20 aquariums and an immense oceanarium, it is the largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world. Activities like the storyteller of the sea, Planeta Aqua or the mini aquariums are unmissable specials.


Insects, dinosaurs, brain tissue, meteorites, and much more can be seen in this science museum, one of the largest in Europe and a good place for the whole family, especially children, with its fun and educational workshops.


The FC Barcelona Museum

An institution in itself, FC Barcelona has its own museum. It is a must-see for football fans and novices. After seeing the trophies, you can visit the stadium and the changing-rooms.

The Wax Museum

Discover Spanish history through its most famous protagonists and be photographed surrounded by Star Wars characters! The museum has a fun approach to the education segment and offers family entertainment in the "people" section...an extraordinary voyage around the world and through time.


Port Aventura

The decor themes from Polynesia, China, Mexico, the Far West and the Mediterranean might impress you… the attractions certainly will! The play areas and the shows are designed for all the family: It is impossible not to have fun in Port Aventura

Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo remains an enchanting place to see crocodiles, monkeys, tigers and animals of the Barcelona region. One of the priorities of the zoo is to educate visitors.