Important for its role in history, Berlin is a city with acknowledged cultural energy and huge parks. The city offers many family activities and is pleasant to visit at your own pace. 

Brandenburg Gate



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Berliner Fernsehturm

Have a meal more than 200 m from the ground! The panoramic restaurant offers an exceptional view of Berlin and revolves twice an hour around the axis of the television tower. Children love it.

Café Avril

A buffet with an abundant variety of dishes is served every Sunday; for the rest of the week the cuisine is Italian themed. A play room is provided for children and a children's menu is available.


Loxx Modelleisenbahn

4.15 km of rails, more than 400 models of trains, and thousands of model cars, trucks, characters, etc. offer an amusing way for the whole family to discover Berlin and its monuments "at a glance”.

The DTMB (Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin)

An extraordinary interactive museum where the whole family can try out and understand multiple technologies. The collections of aeroplanes, cars and trains compete with rocket pieces, vacuum lamps or and the suitcase manufacture workshop.


The Tiergarten

Located in the centre of Berlin, the Tiergarten park, the green lung of the city, shelters famous monuments like the Bellevue Castle or the Reichstag and is a unique place for a walk.

Museum Island

A UNESCO-listed heritage area, the island is a concentration of museums such as the Altes, the Bode and the Pergamon Museum. The Pergamon is undoubtedly the most interesting for a family excursion. The reconstructions from archaeological excavations around the Mediterranean basin will transport you to Jordan, Turkey, Egypt or Greece in a few steps.


Berlin Zoo

Exotic birds, big cats, lemurs, pandas, seals, okapis, bear, beavers… Universally known for the number of animals it shelters - more than 15,000 - the Berlin zoo is the ultimate family attraction.

The Botanical Park

Giant bamboos, water lilies, cacti or eucalypti transport adults and children to far-off lands of the five continents. Children will be able to discover the history of the evolution of plants, and how humans have always used them, in the neighbouring Botanical Museum.