A fascinating mixture of past, present and future, London is a multicultural city with world-famous treasures and shaded parks to relax in.

Tower Bridge

Science Museum

Changing of the Guard

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International decor, games, children's menu, world cuisine… the combination of fun and good food is spectacularly successful in this restaurant close to the Thames.


Located in the middle of Borough market, this restaurant is originally located in an old factory, and serves delectable fish-based dishes.


Tower Bridge

Before climbing to the higher footbridges for an unforgettable view, this visit will enable you to discover the history and the fabulous mechanism of this emblematic London bridge.

Legoland Windsor

A place of magic, imagination and… small multi-coloured bricks! Divided into several worlds, Legoland is a paradise for children with a driving school where they can sit at the wheel of a car… built from Lego, of course!


The Science Museum

Whether for recent discoveries or futuristic visions, this museum invites adults and children to experience science differently: levers to be pulled, buttons to be pushed… It is easy, you can touch everything! Interactive and fun, it one of the favourite places for children.

The Madame Tussaud's Museum

The famous London waxwork museum offers unforgettable experiences grouped into various sections for the keen enjoyment of the whole family. Key show: the “Chamber of Horrors”… shivers and laughter guaranteed.


Battersea Park Children's Zoo

In south London, in the charming Battersea Park with its playgrounds and its wide spaces, discover this children's zoo. Very intimate, its mission is to encourage young children to discover nature. Designed differently from a traditional zoo, its is an unmissable experience.

The London Aquarium

With an approach that is both fun and educational, it offers adults and children a time to remember. The aquarium has two tanks, “Pacific Ocean” and “Atlantic Ocean”. Stroke manta rays, touch starfish, see the piranhas being fed or admire a coral reef… children love it!