An open-air museum, Moscow, city of a thousand domes, is fascinating with its imposing Stalinist-era monuments, the beauty of the palaces of the tsars, its rich artistic life and its typically small streets leading to pleasant parks.


Russian dolls

Star City

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In this self-service restaurant chain, you will be able to taste delicious Russian cuisine at very good prices.

Pushkin Coffee

When you enter this restaurant, you enter an esteemed institution. A fairy-tale setting, excellent Russian traditional cuisine… delectable, but watch the prices!


The Moscow Circus on Ice

Juggling, acrobatics, dance, but also clowns and trained animals: a perfect day out for the whole family. The artists display their talents in unforgettable choreography and storytelling. Uproarious laughter guaranteed!

Zoological gardens of Moscow

Located in the heart of Moscow, this zoo shelters more than 1,000 species and 6,000 animals. It is paradise for children, who, after visiting the aviary, the delphinarium and the terrarium, can meet the seals and the elephants.


The Armoury Museum

Between the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Borovitsky Gate, this famous museum is the oldest and largest in Moscow. The collections of weapons, costumes and also jewels of the princes and the tsars, with famous Orlov diamond, are also worth also the detour.

Star City

Over the course of the day, adults and children can visit the halls where cosmonauts are trained, with their huge centrifuges and simulators, replicas of the Mir Station and the Soyuz vessel and learn the story of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go into space in 1961… A memorable visit!


Moscow Dolphinarium

Dolphins and other sea mammals like sea-lions, walruses or beluga whales put on a circus show. Both children and adults will be charmed by the animals of the dolphinaruim. You can even swim with the dolphins. For children 12 years and older.

Tsytsin Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences

With more than 20,000 species of plants spread over more than 3.5 sq. km, this botanical garden is the largest in Europe. The whole family can enjoy magical walks in these extraordinary gardens with unforgettable scents and colours.