The cultural crossroads of Australia, the city of Sydney with its close connection to the Pacific Ocean is a clever mix of a splendid natural setting with universally recognised architectural masterpieces like its famous opera house.

Taronga Zoo

Amusement park

Pacific Ocean

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This small fast-food restaurant is an absolute jewel. All hamburgers are made with fresh products and their originality will charm your taste buds.

Lindt Café

Both adults and children will enjoy inventive ice creams, desserts and drinks made entirely with chocolate. White, dark or with milk, there is one for every palate.


Behind the scenes of the Opera

A true symbol of Sydney with its roof that is reminiscent of large sails or shells, depending on the eye of the beholder, the Opera is a UNESCO heritage site and a must-see while you are in Sydney.

Sydney Tower

In 40 short seconds, you are 305 metres above ground on the panoramic viewing platform of the Sydney Tower with a 360° view of the city. As a bonus, children and adults can enjoy the SkyTour, 3D virtual visits to Australian treasures.


PowerHouse Museum

This museum is above all a very beautiful adventure, with many interactive elements, to be experienced as a family. As you go through the rooms, you will discover musical instruments, language mechanisms, the history of computers, the conquest of space, and much more.

National Maritime Museum

This impressive museum, where entry is free, shows the close relation that Syney has always had with the sea. Aboriginal navigation techniques give way to the arrival of colonists, the passion for surfing and the evolution of bathing costumes in history. Child or adult, you will move from surprise to surprise.


Sydney Aquarium

The most visited attraction in the city, Sydney Aquarium offers a meeting sea lions, crossing through a tunnel surrounded by sharks, the story of the discovery of fish of the Great Barrier Reef and impressive Australian crocodiles.

Taronga Zoo

You will be overcome with wonder when you see local species like koalas and kangaroos, but also birds, wombats, pygmy hippopotamuses, white tigers and russet pandas. Of course the great classics are also there for the enjoyment of children: elephants, monkeys and giraffes.