It is all in the name! In each one of our GourmetBars, you can enjoy simple and authentic cuisine inspired by global or local culinary themes (Italian pasta , American burgers, Spanish tapas, etc.). Our ingredients are local products: much better for the taste buds… and the planet.

The GourmetBar is perfect for a family meal or for a drink with friends.


Burgers are an ideal meal for lunch or dinner. The burger is the American art of living. This is Route 66, its American Diners and colourful jukeboxes.

Our Epic Burger is inspired by this and we have reinterpreted it to showcase all the flavours of the world. Fresh tomato, crunchy lettuce, local chips and meat: the rest is according to your tastes.

Don't forget a fresh beer or an original cocktail to wash it down.

Tender and soft, “Mozza” is the foundation of Italian cuisine: essential in salads, perfect melted in fritters or on pizza. Unsurprisingly, it is the most consumed cheese in Italy!

Produced in the sunny areas of Campania, Pouilles, Basilicate and Calabria, it now has a "controlled designation of origin".

Enhanced with a splash of balsamic vinegar or mixed with pasta, our GourmetBar cooks it in a myriad of ways.

When you think of a Spanish meal, you immediately think of tapas. Countless varities generally served in small portions for "snacking", they accompany a glass of wine or beer, on a shaded terrace at the end of the day.

Tapas go back to the Middle Ages: a sick king who asked for wine prescriptions decided that to avoid alcohol on an empty stomach, he would eat small portions to accompany his wine. And tapas was born.

After it restoration , the wine was always served with a food ration .

Honour the tradition: enjoy yourself in the GourmetBar!